Tuesday 07 November 2017
07 / 11 / 2017

John Alderson leads ‘Lightning Talks’ at #GeoCom 2017

Informed Solutions Chairman John Alderson introduced some of the geospatial industry’s leading lights at this year’s Annual Association for Geographic Information (AGI) conference in Kensington, London.

A former Chair of the AGI, John led the ‘Lightning Talks’ session, which invited key industry figures to speak between 5 and 10 minutes on the most important new developments within the geospatial industry.

Billed as #GeoCom 2017, over 220 delegates gathered to discuss issues around the conference   theme of “Smart Geospatial”.  More informed policy making, the need for better collaboration and addressing the productivity gap were among some of the topics debated.

Speaking afterwards, John said the buoyant conference mood reflected a sense that spatial data was becoming more and more important across government.

“We had some great talks from government representatives this year and this reflects a wider trend of spatial data becoming an integral part of government’s digital services,” he said. “Our recent work with The Boundary Commission for England on the consultation portal for the national boundary review is a key example of this.”

Informed Technical Consultant, GIS and Cartography expert, Ryland Karlovich added that the conference themes were especially relevant to the challenges we face on a day-to-day basis across our projects. “Many of the speakers touched upon the importance of using data to best effect. We are able to use increasingly powerful visualisation tools to get more from our data and make better decisions based on location intelligence,” he said.

A recurrent conference theme was how data collection and data provision are now a fairly mature industry, and that value is increasingly being driven by innovative techniques for gaining new insights from geospatial data. 

“It’s an exciting time in our industry and it’s great to be involved in delivering vanguard geospatial solutions with Informed Solutions,” added Ryland.  “The value of building applications which enable people to harness the intelligence within their data in order to make real-life decisions is becoming more and more important.”

In her closing remarks, the AGI Chair, Abigail Page said the challenge moving forward was to develop future AGI leaders and advocate more effectively.