Wednesday 15 February 2017
15 / 02 / 2017

Providing a Paper Free Service for the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) have enlisted Informed Solutions to tailor the award winning platform, InformedConsult© to provide a paper free service for blameless and vulnerable victims of violent crime. Informed Solutions have recently provided the authority with an electronic signature function that enhances the CICA’s Online Application System (OAS).

Delivered within four weeks of work commencement, the new signature function has replaced the traditional ‘wet’ (or written) signature that was necessary on each consent form and allows an applicant or their representative to provide their consent electronically by reviewing an onscreen declaration, typing their name and ticking a box to say that they agree with the terms of the declaration.

The enhancement has furthered the authorities ‘Digital by Default’ agenda and will perform a number of key benefits:

·         Significantly reduces overhead costs by reducing paper usage

·         Delivers more efficient and streamlined back office operations

·         Provides an easier and quicker process of applying for criminal injuries compensation

·         Reduces the decision turnaround time for applications following submission

·         Provides added security by reducing the risk of signed documents being intercepted, read, destroyed, or altered while in transit