Monday 24 April 2017
24 / 04 / 2017

Informed Solutions Hosting Digital Leaders Salon: ‘Transformation, Innovation and Diversity’

On 26th April Informed Solutions' Global CEO Elizabeth Vega is to host the Digital Leaders salon: ‘Transformation, Innovation and Diversity – Keep Calm and Carry on Building Great Digital Britain’.

The call for action on digital transformation and innovation in UK government has never been louder, nor made by so many powerful voices. Yet the UK’s digital ambitions remain significantly undermined by our digital skills gap and a lack of diversity in the tech workforce. With the average female representation in tech teams hovering around 12% it’s obvious we have untapped talent.

Informed Solutions Global CEO Elizabeth Vega and Elena Sinel (CEO and founder of Acorn Aspirations) will lead the discussion on:

·         How diversity is the key to unlocking the innovation that drives transformation

·         The experiences of employers and employees in developing diverse tech workforces

·         How we ensure diversity is at the heart of our response to the calls for action

Speaking ahead of the salon, Elizabeth said;

“I resolutely believe that we must challenge the current barriers, cultural resistance and casual prejudices that prevent a diverse workforce from flourishing in the Digital and ICT sector. 

If we ignore this, the UK's ability to create and fill well paid jobs in an industry that presently suffers a huge skills gap is greatly limited."