Wednesday 30 August 2017
30 / 08 / 2017

GDS blog showcases Informed’s work on Intelligent Data Indexes with the Department for Transport

The latest GDS (Government Digital Service) blog showcases Informed Solutions’ work with the Department for Transport (DfT) on the Digital Data Index project. It helps bring to life some of the User Research and Service Design techniques that we’ve applied to what is a recurring challenge across many large organisations: quickly discovering information relevant to the problem at hand, understanding how (and if) it should be used to support what you’re doing, understanding who the relevant experts are, and providing feedback to help improve information in the future.

The blog highlights the value of using and continually refining personas based on User Research, the use of engaging techniques such as storyboarding to help rapidly validate assumptions and better understand user’s needs, and the importance of rapidly developing and iterating prototypes with users (using flexible tools such as the GDS front end toolkit). It also highlights the value of agile working spaces: supporting the team’s productivity; encouraging others to find out more and contribute; and, helping put users at ease during research sessions – all techniques that we tailor and apply to help our clients achieve great results.

David Lawton, Project Technical Architect gave his thoughts:

“We’re very excited to be working on the Digital Data Index with the Department for Transport.  Better use of data is a key challenge across Government and private sector organisations alike, and a key theme in the Government Transformation Strategy.  In the alpha, we’ve been able to work with the DfT team to bring our expertise in digital service design and complex data management to bear, developing a fully operational prototype that highlights the difference better access to data can make to people’s day to day working, as well as wider benefits to the business”.

The blog can be accessed here.


Informed's Richard Philips Conducts User Research Alongside DfT Colleagues.