Wednesday 29 March 2017
29 / 03 / 2017

Ever tried to recruit a new CEO ??

In her latest blog, Informed Solutions Global CEO, Elizabeth Vega, shares her frustration with a marketplace that insists on commodifying her search for a new CEO for the company’s Australia operations.

Ever recruited a new CEO ??

Well, I am currently searching for our new Australian CEO and it's turning out to be quite an adventure!

Recruitment agencies of course go straight to the issues that they see as all important; company size and turnover, the CEO's job spec, salary and benefits package.  ‘Let's not waste time; let's get down to brass tacks.  Time is money’.

Well my message is simple.  The traditional way of setting out the skills and experience for a CEO; a hard-nosed, battle hardened, axe wielding corporate warrior, with their head permanently wedged in the Profit and Loss ledger, their feet aimed at someone's backside and main focus being their own performance targets and remuneration package, is absolutely not for our business or our people.

There are plenty of these types of combative Directors about and they will never be out of a job.  They just aren't for us.

So, I met with recruitment consultants and outlined our desired CEO's typical responsibilities and the expectation of competence but I also tried to emphasise key personal values that are important to us at Informed.  They have to be a great colleague.  They'll need to work confidently through uncertainty, delivering innovation and outcomes that serve clients well.  Our CEO must be an inspiring leader and coach to our people and a top team player, who is great to work with and great to work for.

Our CEO must be trusted and have integrity in their relationships and in negotiating with everyone we work with and alongside; clients, staff, alliance partners and suppliers.  They need to care about getting great results for others, not just the short term results that serve their own pay packet and bonuses.

It all makes great sense to me but, sadly, I have been told time and again by recruitment agencies that they can't help.  They seem to view the world through an entirely different prism and believe they are offering me tough love; their language, if not their actual words saying – ‘get real, woman’!!

Well, my message is that we are seven Directors who are great and trusted colleagues, who work hard and enjoy the challenges, achievements and success of globally scaling up Informed Solutions.  We are seven Directors committed to living up to our corporate and leadership values and we are aiming to make it eight.  Those CEOs that enjoy the combative thrill of ‘I win, you lose’ and the burnt flesh of corporate battle in their workplace, need not apply!

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