Thursday 18 May 2017
18 / 05 / 2017

Digital Government – A Force for Good in our Economy

In her latest blog, Informed Solutions Global CEO, Elizabeth Vega, explains the importance of embracing a Digital Government and the opportunities that it can provide...

The AIIA Navigating Digital Government Summit, hosted in Canberra, is an outstanding opportunity to share the digital success stories that are modernising New South Wales government and how we are better serving our citizens by providing more responsive, accessible and personalised public services.

It is also an opportunity to look forward; towards innovations in technology and digital operations that drive deeper transformation and modernisation outcomes in government.  These ambitions can only be fulfilled by adopting progressive procurement practices and truly collaborative working; breaking down the barriers to Departmental and industry partnering.  It is only through better collaboration that we will succeed in joining up service delivery, using more streamlined and cost effective models.

It is exciting for the AIIA community, including Informed Solutions as the Platinum sponsor for the event, to play our part in supporting NSW government’s digital transformation journey.  It is also a privilege to be here to help celebrate the progress we are making in enabling Digital Government to be a force for good in NSW and more widely across all Australia.

Being a force for good recognises that government need not just be restricted to the functional business of getting public services delivered through online channels.  NSW government is arguably the biggest consumer of IT and Digital services in Australia and has formidable spending power.  How NSW government choses to flex that considerable marketplace influence, determines how much of a force for good it will be.  Wise government procurement stimulates private sector investment in innovative technologies and services; helps create high value jobs through better training and skills development; and supports greater productivity, innovation and growth in our economy.

Building and maturing our home-grown Digital and cyber expertise and taking advantage of advances in key technologies such as AI, big data analytics, cloud and robotics, gives NSW government the opportunity to both modernise public services and invest in a NSW marketplace that is more innovative, vibrant, diverse and globally competitive.  This level of influence and ability to shape our own futures should be a welcome message to government, business and citizens in these uncertain times.

We all have a significant part to play; our elected politicians, government policy leaders, executive business sponsors, program and service managers, the procurement community, the AIIA as our peak industry body and all suppliers serving government.  It is however the procurement community that may hold one of the most important keys to unlocking our collective potential.

Adopting leaner, agile procurement practices would enable government to deliver best value by reducing for both procurer and supplier the costs and overheads of competing government business, lowering the barriers to entry for innovative and agile SMBs, and better managing risk through greater collaboration at all levels of government and industry.  Modernising government procurement practices achieves best value through effective competition in a dynamic marketplace, better managing risks and outcomes on innovation projects, and becoming a key investor in NSW’s future by creating a vibrant digital economy.

As a community of government and industry stakeholders who are building what will be our shared future, we all have a choice.  I encourage us all to choose wisely - moderate our risk adverse behaviours; work more collaboratively together; and embrace the full potential of Digital and emerging technologies to transform government, improve the lives of our citizens and unlock NSW’s economic potential.