James is Technical Director, Australia, at Informed Solutions.  With over 13 years’ experience as a solution architect and technology consultant, he has led delivery of critical systems in Australia and the UK, utilising a broad range of technology in business and government.

James is passionate about quality in everything that his team delivers, yet retains appropriate pragmatism to ensure budgetary and timeframe constraints are met.  As an accomplished analyst and architect, he is comfortable with complexity, managing dynamic environments; relationships with business and technical stakeholders; and working within external constraints.  These skills deliver systems that both meet business requirements and are a pleasure to use.

James is a keen advocate of information as an enterprise asset, and strives to deliver best-practice solutions to protect and enhance this investment.  He has led the delivery of a number of Informed’s solutions and played a key design and delivery role in a business transforming incident recording system for the UK Fire Service.  As Technical Director, he is a member of the company's strategic technical board, charged with scaling, maturing and evolving Informed's rapidly expanding global capability, and was recently made a member of Informed's Main Board.

Personal Perspective 

As Informed’s Technical Director, Australia, James adds huge value to the company, bringing fresh insight and perspective.  Outside business hours he can be found astride almost any human-powered 2-wheeled vehicle you can think of regardless of prevailing weather conditions, or applying his considerable intellect to learning Japanese.