Personal Perspective 

After completing my MSc, I sought to join an independent IS/IT professional services company that offered spatial systems and information management as a specialism, as this would give me the best opportunity develop my career in line with my academic background and strengths.

Since joining Informed Solutions, in 2004, my career hopes and aspirations have been more than met, as the company continuously tackles a wide range of challenging opportunities across both the public and private sectors. This allows me to work with a wide range of clients and projects. I have recently joined the Company’s Leadership Programme and am genuinely looking forward to continuing this fulfilling journey of personal and professional development.

The working environment and culture at Informed Solutions are unique: fast-paced, challenging, excellence driven, quality focussed and supportive. These characteristics are evident in all my colleagues and make it a great environment to expand your horizon and encourage you to stretch yourself whilst safely working outside your comfort zone.