Personal Perspective 

Having obtained a double degree in Civil Engineering and Commerce, I joined Informed Solutions as a Graduate Technical Associate. Throughout university I always enjoyed undertaking courses that were project based and involved designing or building solutions to solve meaningful problems, and towards the end of my degree I decided that project based consultancy would be a great fit. 

Informed’s  Australia Graduate Programme includes a six month secondment to the United Kingdom, where I was coached and trained by market leading technical expects and, from day one, was working on real-life solutions with clients. I was accountable for my own work and, as challenges arose in projects, I was allowed the space to solve them, while receiving support and coaching. The culture at Informed is to see all challenges as learning opportunities, and back this up with specialist training courses to help me build technical proficiencies to a high standard

I am greatly enjoying working at Informed; the positive workplace culture, supportive atmosphere, and interesting project opportunities are always something to look forward to each day. The ability to take some leave at the end of each secondment to go hiking in the Scottish Highlands or skiing in the French Alps is always an added bonus.