Thursday 14 September 2017
14 / 09 / 2017

Informed was proud to be invited as a Guest Lecture to present to UNSW Management and Ethics students.

Technical Consultants James Miller and Sanjay Govindan were recently invited to present an Industry Lecture at UNSW to students specialising in Computer Science, with the university often being at the forefront of innovative technologies.

The team from Informed were able to help build on students learning on how; agile at scale, integration and deployment pipelines, and open architectures can lead to innovation and increase levels of customer experience.

The students were challenged to construct a spaghetti bridge (which might sound simple!), emulating working in distributed agile teams. The challenge demonstrated how collaboration, iterative delivery and continual improvement can solve complex problems with straight forward simple solutions.

Informed Solutions Technical Consultant James Miller commented “It was great to see passionate students thinking outside the box on how to solve  challenging problems, while working in distributed agile teams” 

We would like to thank Wayne Wobcke and the UNSW students for the opportunity to spend some time with this talented group, and are confident that they left with some valuable insight into how agile at scale can be applied across government agencies and large scale organisations. We wish all the students the best of luck for their upcoming assessments.